The First Responder Sleep Recovery Program is a sleep deprivation mitigation training tailored for firefighters, ems, police, air medics and professionals in the fire & ems industry.

This dynamic course is the First Responder Sleep Recovery Program™. It equips members with imperative information and practices to proactively address the risk of conditions caused by sleep deprivation in the fire and emergency service known to be the leading killers of firefighters and first responders. The course teaches techniques and strategies verifiably proven to combat sleep disorders, PTSD and to improve overall physiological and psychological rest and recovery. This program provides proven strategies and techniques that decrease the risk of deadly conditions linked to sleep deprivation that risk firefighter lives including: diabetes, anxiety, depression, obesity, stroke, alcohol abuse, cardiovascular disease and suicide.
Through this impactful training, participants will leave both informed and equipped to improve their sleep quality on shift and at home, thereby improving their overall health and wellness. 

This course is designed by sleep subject matter expert Jacqueline Toomey, and co-instructed with career firefighter and fire-science instructor, Sean Toomey. Together they instruct an integrative solution-based class designed with effective measures to combat sleep loss in the fire and emergency services.


this 4 hour training is broken into 2 segments, educational & experiential. it includes research on first responder sleep related health issues, nutrition, how to improve sleep with transformative sleep routines, sleep recovery practices™ and more.


Sleep Recovery practices™ have been proven to directly benefit sleep, treat ptsd, anxiety, depression  and support everything from performance, mental wellness, stress reduction, energy and cardiovascular health.


this training will be invaluable to restoring your energy,  improving your hormones, enhancing your immune system and offer peace of mind with drastically improved sleep.




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  • Address the problem of unrecognized and undiagnosed sleep disorders in the fire and emergency services.

  • Offer company support of Subject Matter Expert and AXS Wellness Founder, Jacqueline Toomey, in sleep loss solution trainings.

  • Offer a custom tailored sleep wellness regimen to accompany First Responder Sleep Recovery Practices.




  • Educate members on:

    • how sleep loss is intricately linked to the leading causes of firefighter & first responder deaths.

    • Educate on the value of the NREM/ REM Sleep cycle while examining the short and long term impact of disrupted sleep.

    • Educate on proven research of the efficacy of the Sleep Recovery Practices, which are based in the Yoga Nidra methodology, a simple guided relaxation method for restoration.


a proven solution!

Offer a proven solution! 

  • Provided are 20 easy to implement, proven strategies and transformational practices from simple steps to take after a call at night to improve the physiological state (switching hormone gears from the sympathetic response of the call to returning into and activating the parasympathetic response needed to rest effectively)

  • Learn how to establish an optimal sleep routine to enhance sleep quality. These solutions will prevent the life-threatening effects of recurrent sleep loss which will improve ability of first responders to fall asleep, enjoy sound sleep and reclaim healthy sleep patterns.