August 12th Sleep Recovery Class to benefit the Terry Fund, Colorado Chapter, 501(c)3


August 12th Sleep Recovery Class to benefit the Terry Fund, Colorado Chapter, 501(c)3


This is a 4 hour interactive workshop on sleep health. There will be opportunity for QA after the course. Proceeds will benefit the Terry Fund, Colorado Chapter.

You will receive:

  • 3 hours transformational sleep health education, 1 hour experiential Sleep Recovery Practice (functional mobility stretching followed by a deeply relaxing guided meditation practice known to induce a “power nap” sleep-like state)

  • A cooling, weighted, lavender scented Sleep Recovery eye mask

  • A Pure Essence Labs sample sleep health supplement "Ionic Magnesium" & a special discount code for ordering

  • Light hordeuvres

  • A chance to win raffle prizes

*This transaction is nonrefundable. If you cannot attend please email us 24 hours ahead of time at You can give your enrollment spot to somebody else by providing their contact info to us in advance, or if you notify us ahead of time you will be permitted to attend one of the other workshop dates.

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The First ResponderSleep Recovery Program has teamed up with the Terry Fund. Terry Farrell was a father, a husband, a brother, and a dedicated firefighter who lost his life on September 11, 2001, during the World Trade Center attack. The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund was established in his memory to assist firefighters and families with financial, educational and medical support, and to provide equipment donations for fire departments in need. Since 2011, The Colorado Chapter has given out 148 donations totaling: $244,019 and counting. After the lecture you will experience a guided Sleep Recovery Practice, which is an integrated yoga nidra meditation practice tailored for the fire service. It has been proven to relax the body, calm the busy mind and treat PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, as well as chronic pain and fatigue.

In this class expect to learn:

  • Myth-busters on what SLEEP is and isn’t

  • The greater role sleep plays on the heart, your immunity, hormones like testosterone and more

  • How to maximize the quality of sleep you receive through routines, environmental factors and supplements

  • You’ll experience a Sleep Recovery Practice, a unique relaxation experience that has been extensively tested and proven to help the body relax, treat insomnia, PTSD, depression, anxiety and chronic pain and fatigue tailored for the fire service.

Have you ever wondered how interrupted sleep impacts your long-term health?

Would you like to learn techniques to help you fall asleep after running calls in the middle of the night? 

Would you like to be educated on the best health supplements for sleep and well-being? 

Would you like to have deeper quality sleep, better balanced hormones, a stronger immune system and a sharper mental focus?

Would you like to learn all the above while giving back to a worthy charity?

Then this special class event is for you! This class is taught nationally. Founded by Jacqueline and Sean Toomey, a Colorado firefighter family, this class was made by and for firefighters.We look forward to meeting you!

*Online Registration Required.

No yoga or meditation experience needed. Wear comfortable exercise clothes. Bring a yoga or exercise mat and blanket. Pillow optional.