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Louisville Fire Department (*Private)

First Responder Sleep Recovery with Louisville Fire

AXS Wellness LLC is proud to be providing the First Responder Sleep Recovery Program in partnership with the Louisville Fire Department to benefit the health and wellness of its' members. 

Join AXS Wellness Founder & Sleep Specialist, Jacqueline Toomey on February 10th for an introduction to the First Responder Sleep Recovery Program. In this educational seminar, you will have an introductory experience to the Sleep Recovery Practice.  The Sleep Recovery Practice is rooted in yoga nidra methodology, which is a Department of Defense endorsed relaxation practice that has been shown to lower blood pressure, treat PTSD/ depression / anxiety,  improve sleep quality and increase overall sense of wellbeing. The US Surgeon General also endorsed yoga nidra in 2010. 

In this class, expect to learn: 

- How stress from sleepless nights directly affect heart health &  hormones that impact performance on and off the job, and how to rebalance them

- Techniques to relax after a busy shift & how to reset circadian rhythm for your best sleep

- 3 Key supplements needed for high stress & demands of a firefighter schedule

- How the SRP is effective in lowering risk for cardiovascular health problems, reduction of stress and increased sense in overall wellness

- How to do an SRP! - You'll experience this highly effective relaxation technique, tailored for firefighters & proven to induce deep relaxation, lower blood pressure and improve sleep . 

What you need:

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  •  Bring a yoga mat / thin pillow


(*Yoga mats provided for those who do not have one, note: limited amount).   

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Later Event: February 24
South Metro Fire Rescue (*Full)