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Redmond Fire Sleep Recovery Session

This will be a special offering to Redmond firefighters.

In this 2 hour abbreviated Sleep Recovery course session, you will learn:

Hour A.

  • Mythbusters about sleep, the sleep cycles and more…

  • How to optimize your sleep on shift as a firefighter

    • Can’t fall asleep? You’ll learn how to better fall asleep after calls

    • Can’t stay asleep? You’ll learn the solution to uninterrupted, sound asleep

Hour B.

  • A Sleep Recovery Practice!

    • Feel fatigued, low energy, and groggy at times? Or your mind is so busy you can’t fall asleep at night or for a nap? The Sleep Recovery technique will train your body and mind to effectively fall asleep and recovery. This 30 minute restorative practice will shift your energy for the better. It is a guided relaxation technique widely used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and PTSD. As the wife of a Denver firefighter, and after working with over 1,000 firefighters, I have tailored this unique sleep practice meditation to suit the needs of firefighters across the nation.

Location: TBD

Wear: Lose, comfortable PT clothes.

Space limited to 12!

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