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St. Louis Park Fire, MN

We are honored to partner with the St. Louis Park Fire Department to bring the First Responder Sleep Recovery initiative to it’s members.

Sleep loss is part of the job. We get that. It always will be. That’s why we are here. We are here to educate on how sleep works to optimize the little sleep you do get as a firefighter. There are proven techniques and practices you will learn in our class to maximize your sleep. 

This life changing class is not just helpful to your sleep, it’s health saving. You see, research is now showing that if you improve your sleep your risk for heart attack and cancer decreases. Your hormones like testosterone, your memory function, energy levels and mood will improve. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel better?  

Here’s what to expect from the First Responder Sleep Recovery Program™ class.


  • Myth-busters on what SLEEP is and isn’t 


  • The greater role sleep plays on the heart, your immunity, hormones like testosterone and more


  • How to maximize the quality of sleep you receive through routines, environmental factors and supplements 


  • You’ll experience a Sleep Recovery Practice, a unique relaxation experience that has been extensively tested and proven to help the body relax, treat insomnia, PTSD, depression, anxiety and chronic pain and fatigue. 


*Wear PT clothes.