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West Metro Fire Rescue Sleep Recovery Training

  • South Metro Fire Rescue (map)

AXS Wellness LLC is honored to partner with the West Metro Fire Rescue to bring the First Responder Sleep Recovery Training to their membership. The objective of this class is to equip members with knowledge and practices to improve their rest and recovery while doing shift work. Co-founded by Denver Firefighter, Sean Toomey and sleep specialist Jacqueline Toomey, this course is designed by and for first responders with an understanding of the unique culture in the fire service and passion to optimize performance and function on the job. We intend this class experience to equip you with life changing skills that will improve your overall sleep, health and sense of wellbeing.

This course is offered to WMFR members and personnel, and closed to the public.

In this Sleep Recovery course session, you will learn:

Part A.

  • Mythbusters about sleep, the sleep cycles and more…

  • Heart health, cancer prevention, and nutrition for recovery

  • How to optimize your sleep on shift as a firefighter

    • Can’t fall asleep? You’ll learn how to better fall asleep after calls

    • Can’t stay asleep? You’ll learn the solution to uninterrupted, sound asleep

Part B.

  • A Sleep Recovery Practice!

    • Feel fatigued, low energy, and groggy at times? Or your mind is so busy you can’t fall asleep at night or for a nap? The Sleep Recovery technique will train your body and mind to effectively fall asleep and recover efficiently. This 30 minute restorative practice will shift your energy for the better. It is a guided relaxation technique widely used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress. As the wife of a Denver firefighter, and after working with over 1,000 firefighters and first responders, I have tailored this unique sleep practice meditation to suit the needs of firefighters and first responders across the nation.

Location: TBD

Wear: Lose, comfortable PT clothes.

Earlier Event: November 9
Carney Strong Myrtle Beach, SC